Although The Bachelor season 15 started filming on September 24-25, the spoilers already abound. Yesterday, Steve released the names and some personal info about 6 female contestants. The girl getting the most attention is Emily Maynard. So if there’s ever an underdog people will get behind this season, I’m guessing it will be Emily,” says Reality Steve. In a few seconds you will find out why her story makes the news.

Emily is a 24-year-old Florida native who is currently living in North Carolina. She is a single mother with a 5 year old daughter. Emily’s story is very touching. Emily Maynard is the widowed fiancée of the late NASCAR driver and owner Ricky Hendrick.

“Ricky and Emily met in 1999 while they both vacationed in Key West, Fla. As it turned out, their families were building houses next to each other’s and they became easy best friends.  Soon, they began seeing each other frequently on weekends and speaking incessantly on the phone during the week, while Emily lived full time in Florida and Ricky in North Carolina.

In May of 2004, Emily permanently relocated from Palm Beach to Charlotte and the longtime couple got engaged.  Less than six months later, before they were married, Ricky was tragically killed in a plane crash en route to Martinsville Speedway along with nine other members of the Hendrick Motorsports and NASCAR families.” Read more at:

However, in a miraculous twist of fate, on October 29, 2004, just five days following the crash, Emily learned she was pregnant with Ricky’s child. Unfortunately, Ricky didn’t know he was going to become a father because, at the time, Emily was only a few weeks into the pregnancy; it hadn’t been confirmed. Emily came over to the house the night after the memorial service and told Ricky’s parents she was pregnant. Recollecting that tragic yet hope-filled day Rick Hendrick (Ricky’s father) said, “At the lowest time of our life, it was like a miracle that happened for us because we get a chance to have a piece of Ricky left.”

Eight months later, on June 29, Emily gave birth to Josephine Riddick “Ricki” Hendrick“She is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me,” Emily confessed. Emily and her daughter, Ricki, continue to reside in Charlotte, North Carolina, in the same house in which Emily lived with Ricky.  Mom and daughter share a close relationship with the extended Hendrick family.

Seriously, how cute?

Besides raising her daughter Emily has been working as a host of “Three Wide Life,” a show about racers and racing, “…cutting to the core of true racing fans, whether stock car, open wheel, dirt or anything in between.” She did some podcasting for The Speed Channel for the 2006 NASCAR season; the series entitled “Emily on the Scene” aired during Daytona Speedweeks in February on

In terms of romance, some internet sites claim Emily once dated NASCAR’s most eligible bachelor, Dale Earnahardt Jr. If this is the case, we can conclude that this relationship didn’t amount to anything significant. After all, the end of 2010 is quickly approaching and Emily is still single. Moreover, she is one of the eligible bachelorettes who will be competing for the heart of Brad Womack during this season of The Bachelor.

This brings about the proverbial question, will Emily find love with Brad Womack? 


Emily Maynard’s birthday is February 1, 1986. Brad Womack will be turning 38 on November 10, 2010. Hence, Emily and Brad have a 14 years age difference. Knowing what I do about astrological compatibility, I would make an educated guess that these two are about as opposite as you can get, in terms of emotional/ personal needs. Womack is a Scorpio, a very self-centered, moody, insecure sign that comes off as cocky and indifferent.

In terms of temperament, Scorpio is preoccupied with maintaining their own needs and this implies building a fortress of defensiveness around them – which makes it difficult, at times, for others to break through to get to know the real person. Because of this defensive attitude, Scorpio must always remain in a position of control and dominance. They can be very possessive, domineering and strategizing to stay ahead of their lover’s every move. They are extremely willful and power-oriented.

As far as compatibility, even entertaining the idea that this relationship will work is highly questionable due to the fact that Emily is an Aquarius, a sign that needs independence, freedom and doesn’t like to commit to being controlled by anybody, especially not the possessive type. Giving into Womack seems highly unlikely for Emily. Even though she obviously has been alone for a while, she is still subconsciously grieving over the loss of her former boyfriend. Aquarians tend to fall in love once in a lifetime and find it difficult to fall in love again. In Emily’s case, she may be holding on to the memory of Rick so much that it impedes her ability to open her heart to another person. Moreover, her ‘ideal’ mate has to measure up to the bar set by Rick. Brad, on the other hand, has placed himself on such a high pedestal that no one is good enough for him. So you see, he can’t reach her and she can’t reach him; they are at the opposite ends of the communication spectrum.

As far as I see, these two might pretend to communicate on the surface, since Scorpio can give off the air of being sensitive and feeling oriented, when in fact they are strategizing, that is, planning for their eventual dominance in the far future. It would be like trying to mix oil and water or better yet, the intellect of the Aquarian with the emotionality of Scorpio. Not a good mixture for long-range compatibility. The only place where these two might come together briefly is in the sexuality department, since both Aquarius and Scorpio are known for their lusty and oftentimes kinky appetites. But once fulfilled, the thrill is literally gone.

Do I see a future for these two? (Here I am talking about a possibility of a true, long-term relationship) Highly unlikely, although there may be some physical attraction. I wouldn’t hold my breath for something exciting to transpire here or you might just find yourself passed out!  There is also a chance that Emily joined the show with a belief she will be competing for Chris Lambton. If this is the case, she will be highly disappointed.

 According to Steve’s latest spoilers (February 28, 2011), Brad is engaged to Emily Maynard. Now it’s really interesting to see what’s going to happen…


Reality Steve:

“Here’s the biggie: Brad and Emily are engaged, but that it’s not without its problems. While on stage, they do talk about the fact that they’ve already broken up once in these last three months, but they are together now, still engaged, and working on things.

-The vibe I’ve gotten from the show is this: Brad and Emily are putting on a happy face and doing this for show but are pretty much doomed. The ATFR almost seemed like an intervention from the shows successful couples to tell them how to make it. Almost like a pep talk from the others considering the slippy ground Brad and Emily are currently on. Will it work? Who knows? But if they’ve already admittedly broken up once before they can even be a public couple, do I really expect them to last? Apparently it is very tense when these two were on stage, things are not all roses and daffodils between them, and they’ve definitely had their struggles already. I don’t know who broke up with who, what the reason was, or when it happened, but they do mention that it did happen and they are working on their relationship. Uh oh.

 The ONLY thing I’ve heard regarding what their issues could possibly be surrounding is that Emily is the one who is reluctant to move and isn’t sure about the whole thing. But that’s just what I’ve heard. Take it how you’d like.”



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  2. What a pretty girl. She looks like Ali.

    • But much pettier! I hope she can be the next bacheloette too:)

    • Ali is adorable,but not even in the same beautiful ballpark that Emily resides in-what a drop dead looking person

      • That just shows how peoples taste differs. I much prefer Ali’s looks to Emily’s.

  3. According to this passage, Emily and are Brad are going to be very fake in this season 15 show. It will be all about the cameras and a fake show to watch these two together. It’s just not going to work, if their relationship is just pertaining lust.


  5. Emily will win his heart for sure.

  6. She’s gorgeous! As I watched tonight’s episode, she was the one who stood out most in my mind.

  7. I love Emily….she rocks

  8. I sure hope things work out for Brad and Chantal ! we all take a leap of faith when we choose who we want to spend the rest of our lives with. They have as good of a chance as the rest of us ! i wish them both the best of luck !! I would love to see Emily be the next bachelorette ! i picked her right from the start and love her story ! she would be my pick !! what do you think ?

    • She shoud for sure be the next bacheloette!

    • Not to be profiling appearance,as what’s inside is ultimately the most important thing,but Chantal is 28 and working on getting up to 200 lbs. The girl is very thick,and it won’t get better. Sorry,but take a look at her double chin,arms,and legs-upper. Too bad,but again,she’s only 28-I’ll bet that ended up being a turnoff,as Brad is in great shape-Emily,on the other hand,is a bonifide beauth queen-top to bottom

      • I definitely comprende your observations, but look for her to change her self-appearance once she gets a good look at herself on television. It can be a real eye-opener!


  10. Emily is by far the most down-to-earth, precious, and there for the right reason, contestant! I would be happy for her if she won, but she deserves better! She NEEDS to be the next bachelorette and get HER pick of the man SHE wants!

  11. Emily is BY FAR my favorite girl this season, probably my favorite out of the entire series. Right off the bat, you can tell she has class, grace, common sense, and so gorgeous!!! I honestly don’t think Brad is good enough for her… it would be SO FANTASTIC if she were the next Bachelorette if she does not win this season. Go Emily!!!!!!!!!

  12. […] the-bachelor-season-15-emily-maynard-is-the-most-talked-about-competitor-for-brad-womack%e2%80%99s-h… […]

  13. […] the-bachelor-season-15-emily-maynard-is-the-most-talked-about-competitor-for-brad-womack%e2%80%99s-h… […]

  14. i hope emily wins…she is sucha sweetheart…

  15. I really like Emily, but I also understand why Brad is no nervous around her. There’s something about her and maybe it’s just that she is so down to earth. For her to be so young, she is very witty and grounded. I also like Chantel, althoug I really don’t think she’s the one for Brad. My feeling is that Ashley H. would be a really good match for Brad, although this past week was the only time that I saw the two of them really bond. I wouldn’t be surprised if Emily ends up being the last one standing, although I’m still rooting for Ashley H. I don’t thing people are really looking at Ashley for all that she is, which is an intelligent, down to earth and wholesome person. We”ll all see what happens in the end.

    • Witty? Did I miss an episode?

  16. I just love Emily! I think she and Brad would do well together. I love the way he gets nervous around her. I think he would be an excellent father for her daughter. They seem to have come far together and I will be devastated if Emily isn’t the one.

  17. Yes, No doubt Emily is gorgeous. But come one she truly does not have much personality and comes across as bland. She has the looks but not the personality. And as beautiful as she is she has to go on reality TV to get a husband and leave her child behind. Get real…

    • True. Emily is beautiful, but boring. Chantal and Brad have a stronger, natural chemistry. It looks forced between Emily and Brad.

      • You’ve got to realize that what we got was brief cameo’s of the whole person on the show. There’s a lot more to Emily than meets the eye. I got a hunch that she’s a very deep person, intelligent and intellectual and there’s proof of it in the fact that she thought her decisions through carefully before rushing emotionally into it.

  18. I read all the gossip about Emily beeing a gold digger and laugh. Do people know who Rick Hendrick is?? He is not only the grandfather of Emily’s daughter, but he is the owner of one of the richest teams in NASCAR. He owns the cars driven by Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and Dale Earnhart JR. Emily works for the foundation and hospital set up by Rick honoring his son, who also owned a race team. I’m sure Emily and her daughter will never want for anything.

    • I saw a new side of Emily last night……..I think she loves herself too much to love anyone else and that is sad

      • Emily’s apparent self-centeredness is a byproduct of a healthy survival instinct aimed at preserving and protecting herself and her child’s future. Don’t be too hard on her for that. I think most mother’s would agree, especially these days, that one swallow doesn’t make a summer. I think she is being a wise mother by putting caution before selfish or carnal sensation. After all, it isn’t all about jumping in bed with someone or running off with the first man who seems interesting or exciting. Thinking ahead shows me that she is a real winner in the game of life. She is merely taking time to feel this very crucial decision through, applaud her for it!

  19. Are people crazy Emily is a fantastic mother to her 5 year old daughter and she is not boring she doesnt want to get hurt shes been through enough.
    I am rooting for her ALL the way and if he doesnt pick her she deserves to b the next bachlorette!.
    Leaving a child at home while she tries to find love isnt a horrible thing she deserves it she lost her fiance in the most tragic way possible, Seriousley people grow up some people dont take care of their children at all. She deserves the best.!
    Chantel and brad may have chemistry but that will end bad she seems a little controlling to me.

  20. On The Bachelor family is so important, I’ve heard it a dozen times…. Does Emily not have a family of her own, you know Parents, siblings, Grandparents after all she is only 24, or is there another tragedy in this poor girls life? please….

    • Yes she does have a family. They simply wish to remain anonymous.

  21. I know that right now Emily & Brad are having a diff time.I hope & pray that it does work out because it seems like they truly love eachother. Emily has been single a very long time & it set in her ways & same probably goes for Brad as well. Although I believe Brad has turned the corner & truly loves Emily. I think Emily’s main concern is moving to Austin. Ricki’s 2 sets of grandparents are in NC. I atruly wish them well & hope the media lets up on them.

  22. Emily & Brad look good togather it takes alot to take on an all new family in shuts a short time but I think they will make it ,lil Ricki looks like a little princess :)

  23. hi mary,its cool nd 9ce,

  24. hi Emily,its cool nd 9ce


  26. i am in love with emily and ricki if she every needs some to call or to talk too i am here for you, or 1450 so wasson lane lot 92 river falls, wi 54022 if emily want to get a hold of me and please do i am in love with her,

  27. I don’t even know the way I finished up right here, however I assumed this post was good. I do not realize who you are however definitely you are going to a famous blogger in case you are not already. Cheers!

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