Recently, Miley Cyrus confessed that she has a record coming out in June and after that she intends to leave the music biz. Miley says that she is disenchanted with the music industry because the music industry isn’t as positive as she’d like it to be. Furthermore, she plans to pursue a movie career. “That’s what I like and that’s what I want to be doing.”

In part, I believe that she is speaking the truth, but she isn’t telling the whole story.

 During her live performance of “When I Look At You” on American Idol last week, I noticed that she had trouble hitting a couple of the high notes and that she had a raspy tightness in her throat. She also appeared really run down and tired; two elements that speak to deeper problems in her health. One of my skills is Medical Intuitive, an ability to psychically sense the health of an individual. What I saw alarmed me.

 One of the first things that stood out to me is that her immune system is weakened by a couple of factors such as a bad diet, smoking (possibly marijuana), spending time in smoky environments and drinking. Smoking pot, cigarettes and drinking can wreak havoc on the vocal cords and weaken the system. Plus, staying up late, ongoing throat infections and bad diet can complicate the matter. Internally, I can see that Miley has developed nodes on her larynx and that she has some dark spots in her lungs; all are early signs of an impending respiratory condition.

 I believe she is opting out of singing because of her bad habits. My suggestion to Miley is that instead of quitting the music biz, she should try to eliminate some of these bad habits and change her lifestyle. There is an old saying that instead of building one’s life around bad habits, build your habits around your life. This simply means: put your health and well-being first and the rest of your needs will fall in place accordingly. This girl needs to learn a few things about a healthy diet and the dangers of indulging in a lot of unhealthy partying. If Miley continues to ignore her health, she will be facing some serious health issues later on in life.

Miley’s new single ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ proves my point; the lyrics tell her whole story…


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  1. she sounds horrible. Good luck Miley. Looks like your run might be over.

  2. I actually do NOT keep up with all the young stars and such, but love watching American Idol and Miley seemed a very beautiful young lady. She has a great personality, but when she sang..EEEK..all of the contestants on American Idol were better than she was. It was NOT good, and I wondered how she made it that far to start with. After reading your post about her habits, well…yeah, that will do it.

    Competition is tough in the music business. It is actually tough in ANY business these days, in 2010!! Hopefully she will “see the light” and get out of the spiral downward mode of bad choices and bad health, before she is totally addicted to the lifestyle, drugs or such, if that is happening.

    I am hoping she finds her “way” and not the way of fame, drugs and party life..that will lead to death and destruction for sure.

    She is one beautiful little lady and I hope things work out FOR THE GOOD for her, and you are right, her performance was not good.

  3. Miley Cyrus, can’t sing at all! She better set an example for these young girls who look up to her on her show Hanna Montana. Yeah, I think she’ll be better off in the movie industry.

  4. She has a bad tone. She needs some singing lessons to teach her how to sing right. She needs to drink a lot of water and practice staying on pitch and she needs to stop head banging that’s so frickin annoying and another thing she needs to speak higher. I notice she speaks really low and I get annoyed by that.

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