I think that Rob Shuter’s comment, “Simon is in love but he hasn’t lost his mind,” says it all for Mr. Cowell, the American Idol “king of mean.” One wonders how deep his cold, insensitive, critical attitude extends. Perhaps very deep, shall we say; he is calculated enough to only give his head, but never his heart.

 The question is what is he protecting here? I think it’s all about a control issue. Deep inside, Simon is afraid of trusting, that is, allowing someone else to lead in a relationship. He is an emotional control freak. He never gives his heart completely; never trusts placing his heart in the care of another person.

The trust issue was the essence of his problems with Terri Seymour; i.e. he never completely relinquished his feelings to her. He kept one foot in and one foot out of commitment, hence, he never completely loved her nor would he let her love him.

 This lack of emotional commitment led to the demise of his relationship with Terri. Thus, Terri became disenchanted, felt left out, isolated and unloved. She needed much more… I believe she was heart-broken when she found out about Simon and Mezhgan, but realized that Simon was already carried away with his feelings for Hussainy. Knowing this, she agreed to break off her relationship with Simon Cowell. Terri was able to cope well with rejection since she never really got a deep commitment from Simon and, in that sense, Terry was always ready for the possibility that he could shut her out on a whimsy. Similar to his relationship with the other judges and the Idol contestants, I also believe that he put Terri through a lot of mental-emotional switches, games, power plays, criticism and put-downs.

 To understand the essence of Simon’s new love interest, Mezhgan Hussainy, one must realize that Simon is a man who lives somewhat detached from reality in an ego-castle of his own imagination. In other words, Simon has created a highly idealized, erotic fantasy that has little to do with the reality of who Mezhgan really is or what she wants. He won’t be able to emotionally dominate her. She knows her own mind and, most important of all, Simon’s. She anticipates his needs and knows exactly what to do to sidestep his every move.

 Simon has a way of picking females who are willing to submit to his tyranny and scrutiny – however, this one is more ready for him than he anticipates. She is clever, tactful and scheming, with plans for the future already prepared. He will have his hands full and in the end will become “the judged,” “the scrutinized,” and eventually “the rejected.” Time and karma will balance the scales for this Libran. One could say that this time the chickens will come home to roost for good.


  1. The way she looks at camera and her face reminds me of Osama bin laddin face. by the way she doesn’t have waste line! Simmon seemed more picky than that, but he doesn’t dates such attractive lady. she is a divorced left over form some Mullah. all hypes and no substance, lol

  2. On an emotional level, Simon will know what goes around comes right back at him!

  3. This is the best set of observations that I’ve seen on Mr Cowell’s true nature and how he has treated his girlfriends. Also on Mezghan and how she handles things. Simon Cowell has commitment issues and is a narcissist. He can’t be an equal partner. He takes attention from his girlfriends and then moves on never truly connecting. It may be his best lesson yet if Mezghan is able to turn the tables on him. I think that she is just as egotistical as him and she may be the deluded one to think that she is any different to the others. He will always be in love at the beginning and it is only the thought of having young versions of himself to leave to the world that mean he is agreeing to have children. It may be that he needs to be married to the mother of hi s children to look good in the eyes of the world. He wiill still need to have attention though from other women perhaps that is the role his exs play in his life.

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