Age: 28
Occupation: Insurance Agent
Hometown: Dallas, TX

When I first tuned into this guy (from the distance of a room’s length) I said right away to my wife, “Emily will be attracted to the insurance agent,” meaning Sean Lowe. My wife was a little taken aback because apparently I hit right on to his vocation as an insurance agent.

Everything about him says “security” with a capital “S” for Sean. Appropriately, he has all the earmarks and/or qualities that are attractive to Emily and not surprisingly they are similar in context to Brad Womack, her old flame. For example, he’s a southern lad, in great shape, both qualities that seem to turn her on. In short, he’s selling ‘security/insurance’ and she’s buying.

I can also sense why they are attracted from a visceral level. If you check out the photo of Sean conversing with Emily on the couch you’ll note that he is pitched forward, eager to share with her, which is a real turn on for an Aquarian like her who desperately needs to be understood or listened to. What is even more attractive about his approach is that he is really interested in her because he ‘feels’ her inner person. This means he has an inside track, so to speak, on who she is beneath the slick outer façade of sophistication and physical beauty.

I believe he senses her vulnerability to being understood and spares no time in getting into her and showering her with attention and probably some flattery, and believe me, whether females admit it or not they love it. What I like about her responses is that she hasn’t been totally jaded by her negative past issues, (or at least that’s how her ‘open’ emotional field seems to project). This is great because it allows her to be herself and hopefully – love again.

Of all the guys that I’ve seen her with – Jeff, Sean and Ari seem to appeal to her most with Sean taking the blue ribbon. Let’s stand by and see what happens.


Us Weekly has a new cover featuring Bachelor Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson (already assumed to be his fiancee) with the headline “CAUGHT CHEATING!”

Us alleges Ben is having trouble with what he’s seeing from Courtney on Season 16, and since he hates confrontation he’s just been avoiding her and spending time with his buddies and other girls.

Us says that, on Feb. 17, Ben was spotted out partying in San Francisco and left Monaghan’s around 2 a.m. with his friends and four girls — two were for him, two were with his friends, an insider claims.

“Ben seemed pretty toasted, and this woman in red pants came up to him,” a nameless onlooker told Us (via HollywoodLife). “It looked like an altercation at first, then he kissed her on the mouth and hugged her. She wrapped her arms completely around him and embraced him. After the kiss, she walked the other way.” There’s more to it, but they also say the next day Ben supposedly had another woman stay over and they were supposedly seen making out in a park before heading back to his pad. “The woman’s hands were all over Ben’s body and his hands were on her a** the entire time,” a source said.
Source: Wetpaint

Ben’s representative later explained to Life & Style: “The photo is of two friends who have known each other for years and are together in a social setting, surrounded by a group of friends. Ben did not take any girls back to his apartment alone. It was a group setting every time. Ben has never condoned cheating.”

If these ladies are Ben’s so-called females friends (per Ben’s rep), they are no doubt friends with “benefits.” Don’t you think he’s a little too much “hands-on”?


After the Monday episode of The Bachelor, a plethora of different opinions saturated the internet. However, the majority of people seemed to agree on one point: Ben’s skinny-dipping with Courtney was inconsiderate in terms of the feelings of the other women. In fact, many people assumed that Ben must be completely into Courtney and hence doesn’t really care how the other women might feel about his intimate moment with her.

In his blog in People Magazine, Ben wrote the next day:

“I won’t spend a ton of time on the skinny-dipping, because I feel like I’ve talked about it so much in the press! What I will say is that I try to focus on all these relationships singularly. It’s odd to date more than one woman and in order to do so, you have to try to treat each one individually. If I were in Puerto Rico with a beautiful woman I was dating and she wanted to skinny dip, I would be a fool to decline. I treated this situation the same way.

I will admit that at the time I wasn’t thinking of the other women and how it would make them feel, and I’m sorry for that, but I can’t blame Courtney for going out of her way to spend more time with me – that’s why we are all here.”

At times, it is very easy to make misleading assumptions based on what we see on the show. Granted, the popular opinion is always based on seemingly obvious things. In this case, it appears obvious that Ben is sexually attracted to Courtney, or so it may appear due to her “aggressive” personality. I get the impression she was throwing herself at him, i.e. putting him on the spot intentionally. Therefore, there might be other reasons that prompted Ben to go along with Courtney’s seductive plans.

To go skinny-dipping or not to go was actually a Catch-22 situation. In either case Ben would be scrutinized. Consider a scenario in which Ben told Courtney he wasn’t up for it. A beautiful young woman begs a guy for intimacy and he tells her no. Can you imagine the ‘raised brows’ over such a decision? The next day, all the bloggers and media outlets would be no-doubt questioning his masculinity! He would never see the end of it. I can almost see Reality Steve making jokes about Ben not being man enough to satisfy Courtney’s wishes. Steve, as he likes to brag, would do her in a minute.

In truth, being portrayed as not masculine is one of the worst things that can happen to a young man. Bottom line: (for a guy) it is better to be remembered as a lecher than a limp-wristed wimp. Thus, in the end, Ben chose what every “normal” guy would choose to do when a beautiful woman asks to go skinny-dipping. Otherwise, he would be seen as a fool – nothing more, nothing less!

THE BACHELOR SEASON 16 EPISODE 6: Courtney Robertson Flashes Her Boobs in Panama!

First The Bachelor’s Courtney Robertson stripped down to skinny dip with Ben Flajnik in Puerto Rico, and now TV’s most hated bachelorette is taking her skin-flashing to Panama.

When Robertson, Flajnik and the remaining bachelorettes trek to Panama to meet with locals, the women go on a date that requires them to dress in traditional garb — including a skimpy see-through bikini top made of beads.

Clearly never one for discretion, Robertson opts to let it all hang out by wearing the skimpy outer layer without her bra underneath, shocking her local hosts.

“We’re getting dressed up and these girls are so prude. Why be modest? We’re one with nature, it’s raining, let’s go bikini-less,” she argues, as bachelorettes Emily and Lindzi look on in horror. “I’m bare-chesting it. I wanted to do the local flavor. It’s fun.”


Source: US Weekly


This season has a pattern: most of the 1-on-1 dates fade into obscurity compared to the cattiness and drama of group dates and cocktail parties.

Ironically, in the beginning of the episode Courtney was wearing a t-shirt with a sign “BE NICE,’ something Courtney truly lacks when it comes to other females. I suspect it’s a reminder for her not for the other girls or a subliminal message to snow the viewers with, i.e. don’t notice that I’m a beeatch.

Her motto this week: “A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do!” Hey, wasn’t that the same as last week?

Some may consider her behavior as a sign of confidence, but if you watch this episode more closely you will realize that it’s merely an act of desperation. Let’s examine the group date and the beach after-party.

The group date card: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend … Ben” Lindzi, Courtney, Jennifer, Kacie B., Emily, Rachel, Casey S., Jamie, Blakeley are invited to join in the group date.

The ladies are divided into two teams to compete against each other. The winning team will have a chance to hang out with Ben at the beach after-party. The tricky thing is that the number of ladies is uneven. Chris Harrison announces that one lucky lady will play for both teams, which basically implies she is guaranteed a spot at the after-party. It’s up to Ben to choose who this girl will be. Without any hesitation, Ben chooses Lindzi.

Translation: he wants to spend some private time with Lindzi. I can sense that there is much more going on between those two. For some strange reason the producers have chosen to omit details about their relationship at this time. Is it because she may be the final one?

The team captains are Blakeley and Courtney.
Courtney picks Kacie, Casey and Jamie for the Red Team
Blakeley picks Emily, Jennifer and Rachel for the Blue Team

Ben is their designated pitcher. The ladies take this competition very serious… It gets very emotional very quick. Blakeley is super enthusiastic; she does better than anyone could expect. In response to Blakeley’s athleticism Courtney snidely comments: “Who knew that strippers could play baseball?”

Besides making nasty comments, Courtney didn’t exhibit exceptional athletic abilities. In the end, even though Courtney’s team wins, she offered little to the game. Later, Courtney, Kacie, Casey, Jamie and Lindzi are picked up by helicopter while the losers (Blakeley, Emily, Jennifer and Rachel) have to take a bus back to the house.


Without doubt Lindzi seems to be the most sane, confident and easy-going person of the bunch. Ben is quite taken by her charismatic personality. She dances her way to the lounge while the cold, frigid model Courtney looks on, green with envy. Not surprisingly, Ben grabs Lindzi by the hand and asks her to join him for a nice walk on the beach. It’s pretty clear why Ben called Lindzi sexy- because she is a natural. Her energy is warm and inviting; she makes him come alive. This is the major difference between Lindzi and the mean, icy Courtney.

After some quality time with Lindzi, Ben invites Kacie B. for a private chat. Meanwhile, Ben is literally ignoring Courtney. Perhaps Emily’s warning last week did make a difference – it is as if he was trying to distance himself from Courtney to reconsider his relationship with her. If you recall his original words, all the women he fell in love with didn’t love him in return. I think he is being cautious.

As she watches Ben and Kacie cozy up, the model’s confidence seems to fizzle. In a moment of revelation, she suddenly realizes that Ben has strong feelings for girls other than Courtney. To make things worse, Ben gives Kacie the rose. At this point, a train of thoughts gush from her in a flash: “Kacie is younger, she is only 24… she can twirl a baton … Ben seems to like her a lot… Kacie gets the rose.”

In her ITM, Courtney comments in a strained tone: “It doesn’t really bother me much,” as her voice gets higher and higher.

Bottom line: Courtney feels she is loosing the game! So she desperately whisks Ben away and asks him to skinny dip with her in the ocean. For the first time, I noted that Ben was acting somewhat reserved around her. Is he afraid to expose his short-comings? LOL! Buying time, Ben mumbles: “This is unexpected,” perhaps hoping that Courtney may change her mind and not follow up on her offer.

With a mocking laugh Courtney eyes Elyse’s luggage being hauled away, but I get the feeling it puts the fear of God in her. Feeling vulnerable, Courtney is determined not to waste any more time. Strategically, she takes a bottle of red wine and a few glasses and heads toward Ben’s residence. But Ben’s face seemed tired when he noted Courtney sitting on the steps by his door. After all, it was a long strenuous day!

It a state of delusional schizophrenia, Courtney shares a few things about herself: “I’m Little Miss Sunshine, I sprinkle it around.” Then why isn’t anyone laughing?

Ben: “I didn’t think you’re going to keep your promises so soon.” In truth, he isn’t sure how he feels about Courtney taking initiative and “breaking the rules.” However, a little massage does the trick and the two sneak out to the beach followed by the camera crew, who seem to really get off in the background.

Courtney: “Nice to be on a beach with no one else around.” Is she in some sort of a movie? Okay, so it’s not From Here to Eternity! This gal doesn’t seem to care about the camera crew zooming in for a close-up on her private parts. Together, they strip down until they are fully nude. In a hearty farewell gesture to her modesty she gives her thong a cheery fling to the onlookers and then, once in the water, she jumps him.

No doubt, this scene could open some doors for Courtney in the porno business.

Courtney: “I feel like I am winning. Ben and I have a secret…”

The next day, Ben feels bad about sharing “an intimate moment” with Courtney. He knows that this may negatively affect his relationships with other women. But so goes thinking with the little head.

Verdict: Courtney strikes me as a woman who doesn’t mind using sex to get what she wants. The question remains: Is she really winning or simply manipulating poor Ben? Feel free to share your opinions.


Model Courtney Robertson looks relaxed and confident on the April 2011 cover of Fitness Magazine, but apparently The Bachelor, Season 16 contestant isn’t always so sure she’s “winning.”

Argy Koutsothanasis, Fitness’ Fashion Director, shared details on Courtney’s photo shoot, which took place almost a year ago at the El Conquistador Resort in Puerto Rico. (She’s going back to Puerto Rico with Ben and his remaining bachelorettes in Episode 5.)

Fitness said Courtney was a last-minute fill-in for the cover photo shoot and was booked just days before flying out.

“It was her first-ever magazine cover shoot and she seemed more nervous than the other two girls who were being considered,” Argy said. “But even though she hadn’t quite found her groove as a model yet, you couldn’t tell once the final photos came in.”

Source: Wetpaint

Hello! This pretty much sums up Courtney’s “successful” career. Bottom line: her biggest “breakthrough” was actually a last-minute fill-in!

Here’s the skinny – After spending eleven years in the modeling business, Courtney still hadn’t found her groove as a model. (Perhaps modeling isn’t her thing after all.) Surprise! The Fitness Fashion Director described her as very nervous and insecure when she had to compete with younger, hotter models.

Keep in mind that at the age of 28, Courtney is quickly approaching what is considered to be a retirement age in the modeling business. She may be busy with small-time projects, but in terms of a big career breakthrough the prospects are slim to none. Moreover, Courtney doesn’t seem to be very educated. She also lacks acting skills and a broadcasting voice to branch out into new venues in the entertainment business.

In her situation, joining The Bachelor show could be described as a desperate last-ditch effort to make something happen. Good luck, Courtney – I’m afraid you’ll need it!!!


Courtney’s famous words: “These girls have no idea what I’m capable of.” Be real Courtney – everybody’s got the low-down on your ‘low-downess!’

Ben and his 11 remaining girlfriends are now heading to Puerto Rico. Nicki Sterling and Elyse Myers are finally getting one-on-one dates. Still no word on whether sweet nurse Jamie Otis will get to say more than one or two words or if Casey S. will get to do anything other than look gorgeous while defending Courtney. Aren’t they there to date Ben too? Look’s like their teaming up on Emily to take her out of the game.

Here are ABC’s details on what we’ll see next week:

BEN’S ONE-ON-ONE DATE WITH NICKI: Once the women arrive at the luxurious W Resort and Spa on the tropical island of Vieques, Nicki, the sensitive divorcee, learns that she will have the first one-on-one date. Ben picks her up via helicopter and the two escape to the mainland. They set out to explore charming, historic old San Juan when a thunderstorm strikes and they need to run for cover. Soaked through, they exchange their clothes for some authentic garb and then, coincidentally, the pair happen upon a local wedding. The ceremony reminds Nicki of her walk down the aisle, but is she ready to fall in love again? She opens up to Ben about her painful past over a romantic (tea-sympathy- and po’ me) dinner, but will he respond with a rose? Hello: men don’t fall in love over sympathy…

GROUP DATE: The next day, Ben surprises nine women with a trip to the famed Roberto Clemente Baseball Stadium. It’s all good fun as the group enjoy their time in the field. But then Chris Harrison informs them they will be playing a game against each other to decide who will get a beachside after-party with Ben. The losers will go back to the hotel. Ben chooses one lucky woman to be his MVP – playing on both teams and assured of a ticket to the after-party. For the rest of the bachelorettes, it’s game on! Rabidly competitive, the women battle until the last dramatic out, provided by one devastated woman who strikes out and takes the whole team down with her. Ben opens up to one of his sweethearts and then offers her the rose, but Courtney steals the show by privately inviting Ben to a secret rendezvous that is a tempting mind blower: come skinny dip with me! Good ol’ Courtney, always getting’ down to business…

BEN’S ONE-ON-ONE DATE WITH ELYSE: Ben invites Elyse to a fabulously romantic evening aboard a luxury yacht, and she takes the opportunity to emotionally explain how much she wants to give up her single life and get married. What will Ben’s reaction be to her genuine revelation? (Elyse should get hip to the fact that Ben isn’t interested in getting married while he has an unlimited supply of grapes and females. Here’s a secret to Ben’s vulnerability – use feminine witchcraft and wish a blight on his vineyard and then he’ll be desperate for a wife!! Check mate!!) LOL!

BEN AND COURTNEY SKINNY DIP: However, when Ben returns to his hotel, he has a surprise waiting for him — Courtney, who suggested the sizzling tryst. After a night cap, she repeats her offer to skinny dip with him. Will anyone catch them together? (I bet a couple of young ladies there will be hoping a hungry shark with a taste for pencil thin models will appear!)

The “demise” of Emily O’Brien? Another dramatic cocktail party has Ben’s secret (pretty obvious if you ask me) playmate, Courtney, ‘mind-gaming’ the other women with her skinny dipping adventure; (kind of a like seeing an elephant graveyard with sagebrush growing in the middle of it!). Foolish Emily decides she would rather focus on her dislike of Courtney than concentrate on Ben. (FYI: Emily needs to focus on her feminine assets just like Tweetybird – she’s sitting on a goldmine and doesn’t know it). But there is a shocker waiting at the rose ceremony, and nine women are all excited to move on to Panama City, Panama, in hopes of capturing Ben’s heart.

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